Born in Barcelona in 1970 into a creative family, Ana was inspired from a young age by the design and architecture of the city with its iconic cultural heritage. Ana had particularly powerful childhood memories of the Fundació Miró, visiting with her family numerous times, where the colour and forms of the artworks became a playground for her imagination. The works of Chillida, Picasso and Tàpies carried particular poignancy and the forms, colours and patterns of their works made a lasting impression.  

In early adulthood Ana studied film in New York and worked in many locations across the world, frequently working with highly influential and prominent names in the industry. 

After having children, Ana studied different art mediums in order to develop and experiment with ways of expressing her ideas creatively. Ana has studied various media including photography, printing, graphic design, sculpture and line drawing at Central St Martins, Camden Arts Centre and the Hampstead Art Centre.  

Experimenting and working with mixed media is important to Ana,  as there is a particular spontaneity that develops with this method, especially when it is combined with the use of technology.  Communicating visually is very important to Ana in day to day life where light, colour, form, spatial referencing and composition provide rich sources of inspiration and are considered in the final presentation.  When pieces come together there has to be a sense of finality and simplicity in their structure.  The context in which the artworks are displayed is also of great interest to Ana and she is always curious about their curation.  

Ana's work LINEAS ON GREEN was selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2018.

Her work 3, 2, 1 was shortlisted for the RA Summer Exhibition 2019.